Wednesday, 3 June 2015

How to Make Demand Draft Online through Net Banking

Getting a Demand Draft drawn has become easier these days. Now you can make your Demand Draft easily online these days through Net Banking. Learn how to make a Demand Draft online in SBI, HDFC Bank, ICICI and Axis Bank via net banking or by Cheque facility by going to the branch office. The charges for demand draft may vary from place to place depending on the place you draw the draft. Now with online banking, you can easily create Demand Draft and receive it at your convenience.

The Demand Draft is drawn to pay the money for account to account transfer. These days the demand draft is becoming increasingly popular for payments made to other cities, safer account transactions and much more. You can certainly draw your drafts online as per requests these days. Read below to know more.

Easy Steps for preparing Demand Draft online

The primary requirements to avail the facility is mentioned below:-

  • Your bank must possess online banking feature
  • Make sure you connect your account to net banking facility if not done earlier.
  • Your address maintained in the bank records is absolutely right and is the updated one.
Now preparing the demand draft online takes nothing, but just few steps of procedure online. Follow the steps:-
  • Open your bank's net banking page [Secured one]
  • Login your details and check your balance amount before proceeding any further
  • Click on "Make Demand Draft" option to proceed further
  • A form opens up. You need to fill this form correctly without any mistakes. It will contain details like Amount, Place to be drawn at, In the name of and your digital signature.
  • .After filling those, submit the form. An amount equivalent to the Draft + draft making charges are cut from your account.
  • After doing the necessary, tick the option whether you will collect the draft from the bank's branch or else you need your draft delivered to your address. Give your options!
  • If you have ticked on the option of receiving it at your address, make sure your address is updated so that it may be delivered to you by courier. This feature will require extra charges for delivering your Demand Draft to your home. 
You are done! You will receive it within a day of time or collect it from the branch itself.

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