5 November 2016

Republic Day Parade Tickets 2017 online: Ticket Booking, Price and Availability

The celebrations for 26 January Republic day has started once again. You can book tickets online for Republic Day Parade event in New Delhi. The official online ticket booking for Republic day Parade 2017 is made available and the same can be booked for Beating Retreat Ceremony as well. Regarding how to get tickets online, the list of official centers and websites have been mentioned below for your reference. The ticket prices and their availability may change accordingly as per seats reserved for various people during the event. All those who are interested to buy tickets online for Republic Day Parade 2017 at Rajpath event can get them from official stores in New Delhi or else book the same from here.

Please take a look at the itinerary for the event and various function that has been planned during the 67th R-Day celebrations at the Rajpath, New Delhi as PM Shri Narendra Modi makes way for a grand celebration.

Republic Day 2017 Events and Functions

There's going to be number of events that will be happening that day in presence of India's PM, President of India and with the Chief Guest. The Government has decided to display cultural and democratic India with students showcasing different flavours of each and every state. Let us take a look at the chronological summary of events lined up this day:

Republic Day Celebrations - Rajpath, New Delhi
  • Special decoration and preparation for Republic Day event prior to actual event day
  • Flag Hoisting Ceremony by President of India which follows the National Anthem
This year, French President - Francois Hollande is being invited to be the Chief Guest of Republic day celebrations to accompany India's PM and President at the Rajpath.

After the flag hoisting, special Republic day parade begins which is the most loved and highlighted event in the entire celebration. All three strengths of India - Indian Army, Navy and the Air Force give their salute by marching past the President's Box along the India Gate. They march from the India Gate, along the Rajpath to Vijay Chowk for with colourful regiments from all sectors of India.

Special awards for exceptional performances in Bravery are awarded to eligible students. Civilians having high honour in armed forces are also awarded with Ashok Chakra and Kirti Chakra on notable lines. Then special state wise representation of cultural dance from students of various schools take place at the venue. 

You will also get to see Jhanki's of various states commonly referred as Floats where they depict each state's cultural richness in regards to their living style. All states have a different symbolic meaning and various artists  perform those to show the actual meaning of each state. Following that, towards the end, the Border Security Forces (BSF) professionals show stunts on their motorcycle hurling flags of India. They symbolically show the Republic day celebration in their unique stunt show. 

The final showdown really embarks the uniqueness with Indian Air Force spread the tri-colour in the sky when they fly past in a pattern of groups.

How to buy tickets for Republic Day 2017 Celebrations in New Delhi

If you are looking forward to the grand festive event that has everything in it for a national feeling, you should go ahead and buy the much awaited tickets for the event. If you are non-localite, prefer buying tickets online once sale commences for the same. But if you are a localite of Delhi, go to some non departmental or departmental counters where you will get tickets at a reasonable price.

Here are few Departmental counters which are the official ones for ticket buying options in New Delhi:
  • Pragati Maidan at Bhairon Road Gate No.1
  • Red Fort, Purani Delhi Palace
  • Shastri Bhavan at Gate No.1
  • North Block Roundabout and South Block Roundabout
  • Jantar Mantar - Main Gate Entrance
  • India Gate - Jamnagar House Building
  • Government of India - Tourist Office at Connaught Place in New Delhi
  • Parliament House at the Reception office Gate
There are other non departmental offices as well where you can fetch tickets for the event as early as possible. Here are the locations:
  • DTDC Counter - Coffee Home, Baba Kharak Singh MG, Opposite Hanuman Mandir, New Delhi
  • ITDC Counter - Connaught Place, Janpath, New Delhi
  • DTDC Counter - Dilli Haat
  • DTDC Counter - Food and Craft Bazaar, Near INA Market, New Delhi
  • ITDC Counter - Ashok Hotel, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi
These are by far the official places to get tickets for parade event celebration in Rajpath, New Delhi. Regarding online tickets availability for Republic Day 2017 event, the sale has already started and you can book through the official links available.

Republic Day 2017 Celebrations Ticket Prices and Availability

A lot of speculations has recently occurred in regards to ticket prices for the event. We would like to alert you of fraud people indulging in ticket sales for the event. Only people who have a valid photo id card are eligible to avail tickets for the event.

Students can show their Photo ID cards and avail tickets at the price of half the cost. People residing outside Delhi can opt for online tickets which has a reasonable cost while localites can avail at the original cost. Here's a breakdown of the prices:

For Indian citizens - Opting for online ticket - Rs.350/-
For Indian citizens - Opting for offline tickets from stores - Rs.300/-

Student tickets - Both offline and online - Rs.50/-
Unreserved tickets - All eligible - Rs.150/-
Unreserved - Student Tickets - Rs.10/-

What are the documents eligible for buying Republic day Parade Tickets 2017

Government has gone strict with full measures to protect fraudulent activities involved in ticketing. Therefore all departmental and non-departmental stores have made it mandatory to show Government Photo ID cards while buying them. In case of online tickets, you have to input the ID number of eligible I-Cards as per Government norms:
  • Passport
  • Voter ID Card
  • Driving Licence
  • Aadhar Card
  • Student I-Card
  • PAN Card
These are the valid proofs which are eligible for buying tickets for R-Day celebration on 26th January, 2016. We have few free tickets available for interested people who might want to visit the venue for Parade celebration event at Rajpath.

If you want to avail the free tickets for you and your family, all you have to do is share the article and comment with your views as a response to this article. We will ensure the best participant wins at the end of the contest! We will deliver the free tickets at their address through an email communication.

Republic Day Parade Celebrations at Rajpath - Jhanki, State and Military Respect

The celebrations at Rajpath, New Delhi is felicitated by member of honour and respect given to each state when they march past showing culture and sections of people living within the society. There are also huge guard of honour shown for military section - Army, Navy and Air Force team when they perform at the parade ceremony.

The Chief Guest of Honour enjoys the moment of pleasure with PM of India - Shri Narendra Modi as they salute the army merchants and nuclear power possession of India towards national glory. It is a huge pride and respect for people who sits and watch the ceremony come alive at the event of national honour.

We would be extremely glad if you can let us know your interest for coming at the Republic Day parade event on 26th January, 2017 at New Delhi. You can comment below with your details like name and email so that we can contact you at the earliest for free tickets. PM of India has stated that this special event will also be open for few people who are eligible for free passes directly. 


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