1 March 2015

Kolkata Metro Rail Fare Chart 2015 [Revised]

Metro Railways, Kolkata has announced the official Kolkata Metro Rail Fare Chart 2015 which is the new revised updated one this year. MTP Kolkata has listed new fare structure that will apply for all people as mentioned in Fare Chart details hike. You can check all zones fares and smart card fees for people who avail the transport daily. The metro rail fares are application for regular MST holders, Tourist smart card holders too. Kindly check your details below.

Zone 1: 0 to 5 km: Rs.5
Zone 2: 5 to 10 km: Rs.10
Zone 3: 10 to 15 km: Rs.15
Zone 4: 15 to 20 km: Rs.15
Zone 5: 20 to 25 km: Rs.20
Zone 6: 25 to 30 km: Rs.25

General Smart Card Fares will remain same, however recharges can be done with the following amounts:

Rs.100 = Rs.110 ride value
Rs.200 = Rs.220 ride value
Rs.300 = Rs.330 ride value
Rs.500 = Rs.550 ride value
Rs.1000 = Rs.1100 ride value

Minimum balance to be maintained is Rs.10/- and validity remains for 365 from the date of recharge.

Students shall get 65% concession while making their cards for a period of one month or more.

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