15 December 2016

Assamese Calendar 2017-2018 with Holidays Free PDF Calendar

The Assamese Calendar 2017-2018 has been made available. Read to know about Free Assamese Calendar with Holidays details and important events in the year. Get to know about Assam Calendar 2015 Tithi and important details regarding Rahu and Ketu of the year in Assamese language. All important information will be present in the Assamese Government Calendar 2017 details and it's free giveaways. The Assam Government Calendar 2016 with Holidays list free download PDF is present on official Government holiday list portal of Assam.

The Assam Calendar for the year 2017 is officially published at the Government of India office with reference to the special holidays and all details from a published source. The Calendar will comprise of all the events and programs according to the latest one with reference to special 'Tithis' and order of events. The details of the calendar events will be made available.

According to this latest new calendar officially to be released from the press office of Assam Tribune, the important dates regarding the Wedding and Marriage specific dates will also be published in the 201- and 2018 version of Assamese Calendar. The important updates from the Assam Tribune is yet to be received. However readers will be able to analyse various important events and planning and dates of Purnima and Amavasya accordingly and decide their plans and activities.

The New version of 2018 Assamese Calendar is made available free by the Government of Assam in respective offices and institutions this year. People who are employed in any organization in Assam will receive the hard copy of the calendar officially across the places.

If you haven't received one, then you will receive that shortly! Don't forget to subscribe to our updates for more info.  

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