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Howrah Junction – Local Train Time Table 2016-17 Timings online

Howrah Station Local Train Timetable 2016-2017 has been published officially for daily passengers from Howrah Junction. An estimated Local Train Timetable Timings in Kolkata has been updated by Sectional Railway Manager, Howrah Division of Eastern Railway and South Eastern section. You can download the PDF copy of Howrah Local Train Timetable 2016-17 Timings for Kharagpur - Howrah, Katwa - Howrah, Midnapore - Howrah route. You can check the latest Howrah station local train route map for better guidance.

Check Howrah - Barddhaman Local train timings and timetable details for 2017 year updated at Howrah. The Schedule of Local trains at Howrah Railway Station may vary due to ongoing traffic for special days like Durga Puja, Kali Puja, and other festivals.

Localities staying at Howrah and taking the daily passenger route through local trains can get the details of latest Timetable of trains from their fingertips. We are providing you the latest timetable and timings for UP and DOWN Howrah Local Trains plying on Eastern section and South Eastern Section.

People who are new to daily-passenger's mode can take help from this resource and get guidance for train timings and route map details. We will update the latest changes happening during the special festival times and also notify you of any new local train addition on additional day basis.

Howrah Junction - Local Trains plying on Eastern Section

You can check you the local train timetable moving on daily basis on Eastern suburbs of Howrah and Barddhaman on daily basis. Here's an exclusive route map and timings:

1. Howrah - Barddhaman - Howrah Route Trains and Timings:

From Barddhaman to Howrah - 02:50 (via chord), 03:05, 04:00 (via chord), 04:05, 04:56 (chord), 05:05, 05:40 (chord), 05:42, 06:10 (chord), 06:18, 06:35 (fast passenger), 06:48 (chord), 07:00, 07:22 (chord), 07:35 (chord), 07:38, 07:55 (Vishwabharati Fast Pass), 08:10 (chord), 08:22, 08:35 (fast pass), 08:46, 09:18 (chord), 10:02, 10:03 (chord), 11:10 (chord), 11:22, 11:45 (chord), 12:25, 13:00 (chord), 13:40, 14:20 (chord), 15:15, 16:30, 16:40 (chord), 17:24, 17:25, 17:50 (chord), 18:00, 18:40, 18:50, 19:20 (chord), 19:55, 20:00 (chord), 20:20 (chord), 20:40, 20:43 (chord), 21:58, 22:00 (chord), 23:46 (MKA Pass)

From Howrah to Barddhaman - 01:50 (fast pass), 03:55 (chord), 04:15, 04:55 (chord), 05:00, 05:25, 06:10 (chord), 06:20, 06:58, 07:07 (chord), 07:15 (Jayanagar Pass), 08:03, 08:25 (chord), 09:00, 09:20 (chord), 10:05, 10:15 (chord), 11:10, 11:22 (chord), 11:25, 12:05 (chord), 12:30, 13:32 (chord), 14:20, 14:45 (chord), 14:45, 14:46, 15:30, 16:45 (fast pass), 17:27 (chord fast), 17:30 (fast pass), 17:33 (chord), 17:55, 18:05 (chord), 18:05, 18:35, 18:57 (chord), 19:00 (fast pass), 19:10, 19:47 (chord), 19:55 (fast), 20:20 (chord), 20:47, 20:48 (chord), 22:10 (chord), 22:10, 23:15 (chord)

Howrah Jucntion - Local Trains plying on South Eastern Section

1. Howrah - Kharagpur - Howrah Route Trains and Timings

From Howrah to Kharagpur - 02:35 (Midnapore Local), 03:00 (fast pass), 03:15, 04:25 (Midnapore Local), 04:55, 05:37 (Midnapore Local), 06:32 (Midnapore local), 07:15, 08:08 (Midnapore Local), 08:55 (Midnapore), 09:45 (Midnapore), 09:55, 10:15 (Midnapore), 10:45, 11:55, 12:10 (Midnapore), 12:55, 13:35 (Midnapore), 14:07, 15:30, 16:00 (Midnapore Fast pass), 17:10 (Midnapore fast), 17:15 (Belda Memu), 17:45 (Adra Pass), 18:10 (Midnapore Fast), 18:20 (Midnapore Fast), 18:25 (Ladies special pass), 19:28 (Midnapore Fast), 20:00, 21:42, 23:05 (Bokaro Steel City Pass), 23:05 (Chakradharpur Pass), 23:50 (Puri Pass)


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