31 May 2015

Rajasthan Calendar 2015 Free Calendar Full Details

The Rajasthan Calendar 2015 has been published officially in the local language of the state. Read to know about Rajasthan Government Calendar 2015 and all details regarding the calendar in Rajasthani language. Get to know about 2015 Rajasthan Calendar with Holiday details given specifically. Know how to get the Rajasthan Calendar 2015 Free Download from the Rajasthan office.

The Government of Rajasthan is about the bring on the Rajasthan Calendar for all the people living in the state of Rajasthan. The calendar will consist of Government Gazette holiday notifications and various other festival dates and events in the local Rajasthani language for the people. The Rajasthan calendar will consist of various other vaastu details according to the horroscope details.

Various other details like Day and Night vaastu accordingly will be made available in the calendar plus details of how good the days and tithis will be, is made available in the upcoming year's calendar. The local Rajasthani language calendar is specially designed for the people of the state and has been given a realistic look to the calendar by giving various portraits and description of Rajasthan's famous places and all.

The Rajasthan Calendar can be made available free to all those employers who are working in the Government offices and workplaces in any district and city of Rajasthan. Only in Government offices, this facility is available this year, otherwise people will have to visit offices of Government organization to receive those totally free of cost.

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