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How to get 10 CGPA with Proven Methods and Tips

Are you eager to get 10 CGPA during your Engineering career? Then read the article to know the answer of how to get 10 CGPA in Engineering with our proven methods which will act as a catalyst during your B.Tech course. We have listed the best methods and tips on how can you secure 10 CGPA in Engineering and also if you are an early bird, we are here to answer another query- How to get 10 CGPA in Class 10 for CBSE Schools. So read below to understand the best possible technique to achieve the highest ranks in your Engineering career and also in your Class 10 studies.

We know that if someone has the potential and the ability, he will be able to work out the best possible solution to achieve his best rankings. But however these days in such a busy environment, one hardly finds the solution to answer his question! So get ready to embrace yourself with high energy in next few days of time to get 10 CGPA in your B.Tech Engineering course or during your School days for Class 10th exam for CBSE students.

Workable Method for achieving 10 CGPA in your Engineering Career

Firstly achieving 10 CGPA itself speaks high volumes of work and commitment. You will have to concentrate to your fullest if you aim for something like 10 CGPA for a particular semester or for a year. Unfortunately we Engineers hardly have any time to study, thanks to some lurky fun for the whole semester that destroys our time management.

  • The first and foremost thing to be followed is completing your assignments before time. It means completing those as soon as you receive them. This saves almost 60% of time later for studies. Isn't it interesting? You may find yourself doing nothing other than completing your assignments for a span of 2-3 months. Complete them faster!
  • Study what has been taught during the course of the day at your college. Often we don't bother to listen or day-dream when professor's are explaining to us. That's fine! You can do so, but try to make it up by studying at home revising the contents. There is no harm not to study in your college hours, but make sure you simultaneously make it up at home.
  • Try studying difficult subjects first. Easier ones can be done later. The difficult subjects will annoy you all the time during your examination schedule.
  • Don't leave out subjects that carry higher points during the course of the semester. Those are important considering the length of time needed to understand it throughout the semester.
  • We were always advised to do less but with full accuracy instead of doing all with inaccuracy. So carry your studies only with 2 to 3 subjects during the entire length of the semester. Complete those perfectly when examination holidays are about to begin. This will leave you with 3 more to do only and will lessen your burden.
  • For all those newbies in Engineering, we advise you to actively be involved in good activities in your colleges like TechFest, Sports marathon, etc etc... This will make room for freshness during your study period.
  • Achieving 10 CGPA means equally scoring good marks during your Internal exams too. So never forget to achieve the highest possible score during your internals to get maximum benefit.

Tips for Class 10th Students

Tips for those who are studying in Class 10th CBSE or ICSE, and those who are stepping into Class 10th, Class 9th grade:

  • Do your studies regularly on time. Never leave it too late to repend!
  • Homework to be finished before time so that there's no meaning to cry out the last day. Also avoid last minute rush for submitting your projects.
  • Understand each and every topic and try to cover most of your subjects during your school hours.
That's all to say, wishing you all people the very best in years to come.

If you have any doubts, drop in your comments or let us know about our article by commenting below. You can also like our Facebook page or subscribe us for news updates.


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