20 December 2016

New Year Party Kolkata 2016-17 Venues: Swabhumi, Nalban Best Places

The New Year Party in Kolkata for 2016-2017 year celebrations have begun and people in Kolkata are looking forward to the date of New Year events bash. Check out the New Year Parties in Kolkata 2017 Venues and other details. The New Year Party in Kolkata at Nalban will be scheduled on 31st December. The Party eve at Kolkata Swabhumi will be notified later about its tickets and bookings at the venue. Given below is a list of New Year Bash parties to be held in Kolkata this year and their bookings and venue timings.

The people in Kolkata are gearing up big time to celebrate the New Year in style with celebrations renowned in famous places at Kolkata city. The parties are conducted by the local owners of the venues and places where the parties are to be held. Few dedicated places for parties in Kolkata are listed below:

1. Fantazia - New Year Eve Party
It is one of the best local party conducted by Enigma Entertainments. It will feature 5 most popular DJ's of Kolkata and Howrah and will give you the taste of the best ever New year feel. Being conducted every year at the Maple Court, it brings the combination of fun and full on entertainment with best pleasurable experience.
Venue: Regency Rooftop, Maple Court

2. New Year Party by Pool Group
The Party eve organized by Pool is considered to be one of the royal party clubs snarring the best desire for every individual / couple. Everyone is complemented with the best dinning dishes and is conferred with the louse of full entertainment from the part of music to the jazz. The costliest party eve awaits your royalty.
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Venue: Taj Bengal, Calcutta

3. New Year Bash by Exotica Group, Swissotel
Another amazing beauty- NYE 2015 at Swissotel, Rajarhat considered to be another louzzy bash, you can feel the best! The party rates are moderate for couples and individuals and more fun at the venue makes it rich and interesting all together.

We advise you to have a go with this option if things go well to enjoy with family and friends together!

4 New Year Jazz from Swabhumi
One of the oldest and most calm - The Swabhumi holds the truth of organizing scintillating parties over the globe and making their visitors feel precious. Join them as they unveil the fun on 31st December, 2016 from 8 pm onwards.

The spacious extravaganza of this place makes it one of the best places by far in celebrating the New Year Bash with your friends. This time they have made it more luxurious for people interested in coming in and spending time with close friends.

If you ask us which place is better to go this New Year celebration time - Definitely it's Swabhumi and Nalban for peace and party loved people. If you have budget in mind and family celebration altogether, then consider going to Exotic Group, Swissotel.

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  1. You can always find this place packed on a weekend night and sometimes they host parties that you can't get into, but other than that happening every once in a while this is the place to be. The event space have nice upstairs and down stairs area.


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