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Republic Day Speech for Students in English, Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, Kannada, Bengali, Gujarati

Here's a Republic Day Speech 2016 in English that can be modeled as Best speech for Republic day event for students in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Malayalam, Gujarati, Bengali and Kannada as well. The Speech in Hindi as PDF and Wallpapers can be used to express regional languages. As Republic Day 2016 approaches very near, School Students would be ecstatic to take part in the celebration. A Republic Day Speech preparation for students is an essential task to mark the celebration of Republic day organization in their schools or colleges. You can essay your speech nicely by summarizing all the aspects since the inception of Republic day in 1950. We have modeled an essay or say a Republic Day Speech for January 26th, 2016 celebrations to be held in your school.

The key points which you should remember while preparation is how you justify the speech by giving highlighted points on the celebrations and aspects that mark great importance in Indian history. Read the article more to understand building your Republic day speech portrayed for school children and students.

A speech or an essay is a justification of how you approach a topic, or rather say organizing your ideas and putting it to perfection. There are hundred of ways to tickle a speech, but you must consider highlighting points to put more emphasis on how it was established. For example: If you begin saying India was republic for the first time in 1950 and then put your second thought on today's celebration and events, it might be a wrong idea. Ideally a chronological order or sequence of events must be relayed to portray more importance for the celebration. 

So let's begin ideally, on how to  build up your speech chronologically and eventfully to gain maximum attention from your listeners on the celebration day.

Time your Speech to perfection - Roll out your Anecdotes

Eventually many of you who had a great success in putting up a brilliant speech on paper fail to reproduce it on stage. This is where timing becomes crucial! So time your beginning to perfection by starting initial conversations. You can convey how Republic Day in India came into existence, the post republic situation in India and all. Roll on your anecdotes by preparing few of them to hit the timelines as audience will grace you well by applauding your thoughts. 

Anecdotes will help you capture the audience's attention instantaneously. Never feel shy to converse during the beginning of your speech session, if you feel that's prime important. Conversing lets you catch eye pooping moments and this reflects your personality of interaction with your fellow students.

Moves towards the next phase - Post Republic phase in India

The next input on your speech would be the post phase of republic independent government that was initially succeeded in 1950. This part will cover your points like what happened after republic freedom to India, how republic government changed the look of the people over the years, the nation's great personalities that empowered this road change and so on. Keep this section short as it might bore your fellow audience very quickly. Roll your speech on key points, don't just bluff off the past myths of Republic day with your thoughts. Do a meaningful research and come back shortly with your preparation.

Highlight how India changed today by Nation's Great Secular Leaders

This section will give focus to people who stood India during their Republic days. The earlier section dealt with the phase that India possessed after great leaders stepped down from the nation. Here you will focus on their importance, the role they played during the past when our country was not independent. Develop your points more on core leaders like Jawaharlal Nehru, Mahatma Gandhi, Netaji Shubhash Chandra Bose, Chhatrapati Shivaji, etc. Don't go on to speak about all leaders involved in the movement. Take four at a time and flow your words chronologically for each Leaders. 

Don't overlap the contributions of each individual Leaders with one another, that won't sound good sometimes! Mix your thoughts and build up some points highlighting only that specific Leader. Overlapping will reduce your spontaneous flow of unique words. 

Give an Idea how Celebrations take place today in India for each Citizen

The speech remains incomplete if you don't mention this part. It's one of the most important part where you will lay emphasis for individual citizens. How today's Citizens of India mark the day of January 26th? Things that drive people in India to celebrate Republic day? Include common points like houses bear an Indian flag, people take an oath for supporting their country in the hour of need. Take points into consideration like every citizen takes pledge to develop their motherhood India. 

Other points like household celebration and Republic day events can also be included in this section. Your article or speech should include key points pertaining to Indian citizen and how they mark the celebrations. Don't go beyond 3 sentences to conclude this section. If you believe that you need to emphasize more on this section, then add few more ideas like culture and prospects that every citizen follows up during the celebration time to give a brighter idea of celebrations from a citizen's point of view. You may also consider to give your views regarding corruption and democracy as a matter of highlighting nation's most controversial topic since 2012.

Give your Ideas on Republic Day celebration at New Delhi - Parade, Functions, and all

This is an easy task. Give your uphold knowledge to share how New Delhi lives up to the grand celebration of Republic Day every year. Emphasize your points on how different cultures of India are represented state by state. Tankers, Missiles and all are showcased to light up a snippet of power guns in India - Air Force, Navy and Army. Give your own personal experience when you saw the event on TV (or live at New Delhi). Give your opinions on how exciting it was, and light your thoughts to people by showcasing some of your own personal experience you dealt with regarding the celebration held at Rajpath, New Delhi every year.

Throw your opinions - Give a brief measure for your Speech

Your speech bears prime importance in this section. If you feel you may highlight many more sections, but a responsive summary to your speech needs to be adapted for better insights on how you farewelled the speech. Republic Day speeches are most challenging if you are voicing it in front of more than thousand students of your school. This gives you to conclude remarkably well interacting with your fellow students as well. Don't worry, pre-pare this section very well so as to what you will target while highlighting your summary and how you will go about your ending lines. The task becomes easy if you summarize it in five sentences, but becomes equally tough in front of your whole school to voice it!!

So just bear the section's heading in your mind before you speak in this section. Memorize it if not, otherwise nervousness will catch you here! Voice your opinions nicely and lay an excellent finishing line to end your speech by thanking your teachers and class mates. It will work wonders for you!

Compare Republic Nation vs Corrupt Nation (Optional)

If you are emphasizing India with the current democratic stature, then you may compare a corrupt nation against a republic nation. Off late India has been criticized for being corrupt in many directional aspects on many grounds. You can bring some points forward like measuring out corruption and eradicating those. These will immensely give you a high scoring option while you move for the ending speech lines. Highlight on aspects like a corrupt nation bearing irresponsible citizens, misleading future for Indian citizens and all.

If you are keen to avoid this section, you can do so as it might bring some kind of negativity if not in your speech or essay. So avoid it if you are not fully obsessed with the idea of corruption! Or else get the above sections right, and be on the applauding side from everyone or even a standing ovation!!

Significance of Republic Day and its Importance in Indian Constitution

Are you knowing the real significance of Republic Day of India in our lives? Do you know the actual importance of Republic Day of India for students, professionals and children in India? Republic Day in India first came into existence on 26th January, 1950, a day when India felt being Republic for the very first time! The importance of Republic day celebrations lies in the fact that few people who contributed for national freedom in the past are remembered and patronized for their sacrifice on this day. The biggest significant fact for Republic Day existence is the heart-felt celebration that every Indian indulges on this day, truly dedicating the day for the sacrifice of great leaders like Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Subhash Chandra Bose, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and the leader who stepped the first stone of the republic nation- Dr. Rajendra Prasad.

Republic Day in India is celebrated every year to mark the freedom and formation of first independent Government formation existence in India since 1950. Ever since India rejoiced their freedom in 1947, a good Governance is always a trademark signature of country's well being. India came up with this idea and implemented for the first time in 1950 that saw great developments and modernization till this date of time. The most highlighted aspect of a republic nation lies in the fact that it progresses and procures the foundation and pre-occupies the existence of his highly reputed nation's name. 

How India changed the face of her country after Republic day existence in 1950

A lot comes in our mind when we speak something of Republic day. Yes, since its existence, India faced a lot of communal issues and a lot of positives since its inception. The question of understanding and noting the significance of Republic day marks the statue of good Governance panel. We are highlighting 'Good Governance' repeatedly again and again to make Indians believe that Republic day not only brings the nation the mark of their great leaders of the past, but a highlight of how India progressed in years of time. That is the reason why President Pranab Mukherjee recalls all the achievements during the Republic day parade event in New Delhi.

Therefore we as Indians should never forget how India showed way to a new face and its developments and its upcoming tasks for year ahead. A special dedication to all the Indian soldiers who fought the way hard during many wars in the 19th and 20th century as a dedication to their name.

Republic Day hallmarks the achievements of country - A significance on its growth and tides

Never you would come across something so special like Republic day - A day dedicated to our Dharti Ki Mitti (Indian soil) where we spend our lives cherishing moments and expectations. It's a day solemnized to remember patrons who saluted our nations and fought for our well bright future, a day when we salute our words of spirits to Indian army and soldiers who takes care of our nation in all eyes of secureness, a highly tributable day of respect! 

We would give our special thanks to Prime Minister and President of our country for working hard to make our country strive hard to be the best in being a Republic!

Are you striving forward to mark yourself as real patrons and leaders for your nation?


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