3 April 2016

Chiranjeevi's Daughter Sreeja Husband Kalyan Biography Wiki Profile

MegaStar of the South, Chiranjeevi's Second Daughter Sreeja (Srija) recently tied the knot in a grand reception with NRI Businessman - Kalyan in Hyderabad. Know more about Sreeja's second husband Kalyan who hails from USA and got married to her in Bangalore few days back. Srija, the youngest child of their family was earlier married to Sirish Bhardwaj and got divorced recently due to relationship issues. Take a look at some of the marriage and reception photos of Srija and Kalyan with their family members.

Kalyan is said to own his jewellery business here in Hyderabad along with his family owners. Besides, he lives in United States to promote his precious jewellery collection abroad despite the entire business setup being in Chittoor. He was born and brought up in Hyderabad and families of Srija and Kalyan know each other for long period of time.

It is expected that Kalyan will fly down abroad with her wife Sreeja and settle down right there. Chiranjeevi's daughter has a son who will accompany both when they move to USA in few days of time and start his schooling there. Kalyan will work on to his business expansion project in few areas outside India to boost his business.

Childhood friends of each other, now married and starting a new life will be there new mantra as they tie their knot lifelong for years!

Chiranjeevi's Daughter Srija and Kalyan's Wedding Reception

Recently both were married and a grand reception was open to all invitees in Hyderabad at MegaStar Chiranjeevi's home. Here's a glance of the same:

Chiranjeevi's Daughter Sreeja and Kalyan Wedding Photo with Family

Now both are living happily after their marriage and will start off a new life as they move out of India in next week. Kalyan is expected to start working on his business and research in his USA office with his colleagues in April.


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