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NutriGain and NutriSlim Powder Benefits and Side Effects Explained

Ayurwin's popular brand - NutriGain has received lots of positive responses and reviews from people consuming on daily basis. We have checked the benefits and side effects of NutriSlim and NutriGain powders available in the market and analysed their effectiveness and accurate results. The product is also available as NutriGain capsules - Know whether they are safe for your body or not. Our expert advice lists down basic advantages and disadvantages of the product and brief you about the dosage of each product.

One of the popular remedies for people who are underweight or overweight and looking to tone their body appropriately can take NutriGain / NutriSlim according to their needs. You need to have a proper diet and healthy food eating habit to coordinate well in response to these substitutes.

NutriGain Review - An Ayurvedic Medicine for gaining weight

A popular remedy for underweight people, Nutrigain is the first choice amongst youngsters of current generation. It is available in form of capsules and granules with added natural ingredients that includes nature herbs and ashwagandha that increases the overall metabolism of body. It gives an overall energy boosting mechanism that keeps you fit and strong all throughout the day.

NutriGain Powder and Capsules

In addition to the above, a complete proportional diet is very important in serving weight addition and muscle build up process. Normally NutriGain is an extra source of nutrients to the body, however keeping up to diet and maintaining eating habits are key criteria in supporting results. If you notice, within short period of 3 to 4 months, there are differences noticed if followed accordingly to dietary needs.

There are very less side effects for the product which we have mentioned below for your reference. It is 100% natural and vegetarian product recommended for daily use.

Nutrigain Components / Formulation and Recommendation

It is said that product is available in form of Nutrigain Plus Powder / Nutrigain Plus Capsules. Let's see how the recommended nutrients act as positive source of energy to the body.

Normally the amount of calories burnt by our body on daily basis are in large numbers. If you are able to supplement them with appropriate food diet and Nutrigain on daily basis, there are high chances of gaining weight faster. Nutrigain Plus Powder / Granules have a mix of iron elements like Draksh (Kishmish) and Khajur that supplement the 15 herbs mechanism for the product.

Overall 67% of Nutrigain supplements act as recovery mechanism while the other 33% is based on natural food intake on daily basis. This is an enormous amount of value that's being added daily, if consumed regularly and religiously. The product is available in Chocolate flavour as well which can be taken with milk or water as per preferences.

NutriSlim - An effective Ayurvedic Way for Losing Weight faster

A reliable way to lose out extra weight according to your body by cutting out heavy foods and consuming NutriSlim on daily basis. Experiences from various people suggest that Nutrislim did worked well with most of the people, however side effects and negatives were also reported. It totally depends on how your body reacts to the changes in your diet plan.

Study reveals that a general body intake calories must be reduced to overpower the extra nutrition that muscles and weight gains generally happen daily. You can have two heavy eating times - one is the lunch and second dinner, try to avoid having heavy foods in breakfast or tea sessions. You can replace those with Nutrislim intake on regular basis to gain chances of weight loss.

NutriSlim Powder and Capsules

There has been higher chances of weight loss noticed when intake has been regularly for atleast 2 months of time. However it totally depends on how you shape your diet matching in accordance to calorie intake, sizing your body tone faster and improving your health. Once your metabolism boosts up, there is a good chance of understanding the weight-loss supplement intake each day.

NutriSlim - Regular Intake, Formulation and Recommendation

It is advisable to regular start your intake in form of capsules or granules / powder in a fixed duration of day and night. Consuming it twice would be best to capture accurate results to measure for a longer run. It is stated that supplement of NutriSlim contains the following natural ingredients - Green tea, chromium picolinate, fenugreek, coffee arabica and chitosan.

On an overall, if you consume NutriSlim with skimmed milk, it gives more value to diet changes. An average recommendation comes to about 40 grams daily consumption, which means dividing it in two schedules - one in the morning and another during night. However no side effects have been seen or reported by customers yet in their daily diet.

The form of capsules also acts as a integral part if consumed with NutriSlim plus.

What are the Side-effects of NutriSlim and NutriGain Powders?

As we went through some of the reviews of customers using the product daily, they haven't noticed any side-effects till now. Here are some of the points which can prove to be the concerning points for most of the people:

  • The fact that NutriGain and NutriSlim powders and capsules are quite costly to buy, so every middle class family will re-think twice before buying and consuming them over a period of time to see any results. Since these are 100% ayurvedic products, there pricing justifies the results.
  • Another important fact that how much results will NutriGain and NutriSlim products show to your body? The answer is yet unknown and research study shows that there are no accurate results as each human body responds differently. In some cases, it might work wonders in getting results fast achieved or in some cases, there might be no response at all.
  • There are no official words on success of this product or results after consuming them on regular basis
  • It is advisable not to use the product for pregnant women and lactating mothers as negative results have been shown
  • If you see no results within a specified period of time, then it's better stop consuming it otherwise you lose your money spent on them
  • One of the biggest concerns is that most people start practicing it on daily basis and then stop for a while, this brings their body back to old shape. There are no testimonials to support the fact on the same. If you stick to regularly using it, then work on it for atleast 2 months to see any results.
  • Overdose of anything can be harmful, so take advise from your dietitian before making any decisions
  • Both NutriSlim and NutriGain are a source of various natural ingredients, and these might impact negatively if not consulted with your doctors  
Hence these are the official facts supporting their usage and benefits.

What are the benefits of using NutriGain / NutriSlim on daily basis?

Again this is another question which needs to be answered to account on anything that needs accurate decision making. Here are few points which you might consider:
  • Since this product is 100 percent ayurvedic, there are no side effects for your body. The worst thing that can happen is your body not responding to weight loss / gain, other than that, it is safe for use
  • There are successful people who have reported the product to be quite beneficial
  • Product is available in form of powder and capsules form, so intake is quite easy
  • Herbal nutrients are available as natural product, so no harm to the body

NutriSlim and NutriGain Product Price and Availability

Both are available in form of capsules and powder (chocolate flavour), so depends on your flexibility of taking them daily.

Ayurwin NutriSlim Plus Powder (500 gram) - Rs.880/- (Amazon)
Ayurwin NutriSlim Capsules (500 grams - 60 capsules) - Rs.492/- (Amazon)

NutriGain is also available on Amazon at competitive price:

Ayurwin NutriGain Plus Poweder Chocolate flavour (500 grams) - Rs.735/-
Ayurwin NutriGain Capsules (500 grams - 60 capsules) - Rs.400/- and 30 capsules - Rs.239/-

You can also let us know your opinions on the product if you have tried it from your side and post your queries and questions on it.


  1. Anonymous04 July, 2016

    Ayurwin Nutrislim is a very good product for weight loss. The persons who are fat or overweight can take this. Being an ayurvedic product it has got no side effects. Nutrislim is 100% natural & safe. For better result please us both powder & capsule together. You can get more information on the product by contacting the expert dietitians of Ayurwin. They will help you providing the proper information based upon your age, body type & help you to take the required dose.

  2. Anonymous05 July, 2016

    Ayurwin Nutrigain works for the people who are underweight or very much thin. It's 100% natural & Safe. Being an Ayurvedic product it's doesn't have any side effects. For better results you have to take both powder & capsules together. You can contact Ayurwin's expert dietitians about the dosage & for further information

    1. Yes it's absolutely correct. Side effects depends on person to person and their usage depending upon how effective it is going to be with dosage. Ayurwin's expert dietitians have recommended usage with proper gym training for best results.


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