1 August 2016

How to apply online for auto rickshaw permit licence

The Government of India has brought a centralized unit for auto rickshaw drivers to obtain permit / licence through application online. You can now apply for new permit or renew your old permit through RTO application of your vehicle. Please check the eligibility criteria, required documents to be produced, permit fees and necessary certificates for obtaining your auto rickshaw license / permit. All inquiries in terms of renewal, waiting list data, rules, payments, process, police verification, status and validity must be communicated to Regional Transport office of the state.

Various states have different procedures of obtaining the permit, however we have mentioned the following details with full accuracy so that you get a correct idea of proper communication with the respective zonal RTO's of the state. Please take a look at various steps to be followed for the same:

Eligibility Process for Auto Rickshaw New Permit Application 2016

In order to apply, please know the basic eligibility criteria for the same to comply with the terms:

Auto Rickshaw permit licence to be centralized by Government
1. You need to be a localite of the state which means individual should be residing in any part of the state for which he/she is applying for permit.
2. He/She should know local language of the state both in terms of writing and speaking
3. Applicant should have a valid Photo ID card and address proof depicting that individual is a citizen of India

4. Education criteria has been removed as of now
5. No criminal records should be borne by the applicant which is verified through NOC letter from respective police station

How to fill up application form online for Auto Rickshaw Permit Licence 2016

In order to fill up the details, you need to visit the respective Regional Transport Office (RTO) and obtain a P.C.O.P.A application form which must be accompanied with the process. The process of online application form makes sure there is a convienancy for each applicant / individual according to his time. This made sure that transparency is maintained on an overall from the regional part of Transport coordination for each state.

In the application form there are basic details which needs to be filled like - Full name and address according to photo and address proof details, vehicle number, RC passing number, age (date of birth) details and other certifications as mandatory part.

The necessary documents that are needed to be produced with the application consist of the following:

- Valid RC Book of the Vehicle
- Driving Licence of the individual
- Proof of payment of Tax
- Fitness certificate to be issued from a medical center
- Certificate of insurance of the applicant and the vehicle insured
- P.U.C of the Vehicle

Please make sure you are holding these details in prior to filling up the application form so that there is less back and forth involved in releasing / issuing of permit licence.

What is the application fees for issuance of Auto Rickshaw permit licence?

The fees might be different for various states of India. However on a general note, Regional Transport office charge something around - Rs.350 to Rs.500 per permit issuance of the vehicle.

An additional court stamp fees of Rs.10/- is required to be affixed with the application form.

When is the Auto Rickshaw permit issued with validity period?

Generally the permit licence is issued within the same day of application processing at the respective RTO office with the vehicle.

The passing officer inspects your auto rickshaw which you need to bring at the RTO office with all other details and he then issues the permit licence to your name. The official document takes 2-3 days to receive at your residence address mentioned in the application form.

The general validity period of each licence / permit is 5 years from the date of issue.

After the validity, individuals need to re-issue / apply for renewal of licence which is a simple process.  

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