23 October 2016

Top 50 Gorgeous Bikini Photos of Bollywood Actresses

Bollywood has been a stage of fearless and bold shooting these days as far as critics are concerned. Today we present the list of top 50 Bikini photos of Bollywood actresses that were most viewed on search engines in the year 2016. These gorgeous actresses were spotted during film photoshoots, or during their promotion of bikini products that they endorse!

Let's take you to the journey of the best Bikini photo collection officially declared as the most popular wallpaper or Bikini photos of this year by internet marketing search engine giants.

Urvashi Rautela's Hot Bikini Scene Most Popular

Urvashi did re-create her body magic when she shed her clothes for a perfect bikini pose in the recent release this year.

Urvashi Rautela during her Bikini scene

Urvashi Rautela representing India - Bikini Photoshoot

Urvashi Rautela Miss Universe Bikini Photo

Alia Bhatt Bikini Photoshoot for Shandaar Movie

Recently Alia Bhatt was seen wearing a gorgeous pink Bikini during her movie stint earlier this year which was again the most popular search among people.

Alia Bhatt posing for a Bikini perfect body

Kareena Kapoor's Zero Figure Bikini Body Most Popular

Actress Kareena Kapoor Khan is most popular among people for her zero size slim figure and Bikini pose which she gave couple of year's back for one of the product's promotion.

Kareena Kapoor Flaunts her body with Purple Bikini

Katrina Kaif's Bikini Photoshoot Most Searched among Men

Bollywood's beauty queen - Katrina Kaif was most searched for her unique Bikini photos which were a desire among the people of India!

Katrina Kaif posing in White Bikini for a film shoot

Katrina Kaif shows body perfect with Black Bikini

Anushka Sharma Picture Perfect Bikini Body Most Popular among People

Actress Anushka Sharma known for her simplicity and close relationship in Indian cricket saw her rise in search dramatically for her Bikini postures which she shot a year ago.

Anushka Sharma looks gorgeous in a Black Bikini

Anushka Sharma shows her pure body with Spider White Bikini

Anushka Sharma looking too hot with Black Bikini Photoshoot

Bipasha Basu's Bikini Body Search Most Viral in India

Bengali beauty queen Bipasha Basu left her fans with some special treat when she shed her clothes numerous times for Bikini poses.

Bipasha Basu looking sulky hot in White Bikini pose

Bipasha Basu's gorgeous looking body matches her perfectness in Red Bikini

Minissha Lamba's cute Bikini poses most popular in Search

Bollywood's forgotten actress - Minissha Lamba still enjoys limelight with her Bikini picture perfectness which she gave years back during her Bollywood days!

Minissha Lamba Extremely Gorgeous Body in Black Bikini

Minissha Lamba's Photoshoot with Golden Bikini

Paoli Dam - Bengali Diva Earns Popularity with Bikini poses

Tollywood and Bollywood's queen who was last seen in Hate Story 2, have some happening poses which made the audience droll over her body sensuality.

Paoli Dam in Crimson Bikini for Film shooting

Paoli Dam - Bengali Sensuality in Latin White Bikini

Mallika Sherawat's Bikini Photos has Maximum number of Searches

Mallika Sherawat who is known to bring the sensuality of boldness in Bollywood cinema looks gorgeous when she adorns some of the best poses in Bikini:

Mallika Sherawat poses for hotness in Orange Bikini

Mallika Sherawat in typical Indian Bikini Style

Aditi Rao Hydari's Simply Superb Bikini Body as a Model

The actress earned some credit in terms of increasing her fan numbers when she shed her body to bikini perfect body poses recently.

Aditi Rao Hydari's professional look in sizzling White Bikini

Aditi Rao Hydari's relaxed look in Pink Bikini for a photoshoot

Monica Dogra's Hot Bikini Body Most Viral and Searched among people

Sizzling actress of Bollywood - Monica Dogra is known for some of the very bold scenes which she has come over! She is regarded as the purple queen of bikini due to her number of appearances in Maxim cover photo.

Monica Dogra Extremely Hot White Bikini pose in Maxim Cover

Monica Dogra in sizzling Polka Dot Bikini for promotion

Monica Dogra in a White Bikini Bra for Maxim Women Cover page

Monica Dogra looking scintillating on Contents Magazine cover page

Poonam Pandey's Scintillating Connection with Audience over Bikini Photos

Bollywood actress - Poonam Pandey known for some gossip and news all over the season entertains her audience with much needed dose of Bikini photos from her closet!

Poonam Pandey's affection for Bikini is much known among people

Poonam Pandey looking extremely scintillating in Black Spider Bikini

Poonam Pandey's extremely perfect body deserves Black Bikini

Richa Chadda's Silk Smooth Bikini Postures Left Audience Drooling over her

Bold and beautiful actress - Richa Chadda is known for some extremely hot poses and photos with Bikini for various photoshoots. Some of the best shots are below:

Richa Chadda - Punjabi Girl in Hot Bikini Avatar

Richa Chadda in smoking Black Bikini for Maxim Photoshoot

Sana Khan's Bikini Pose in Wajah Tum Ho Most Popular among people

Actress and newly entrant queen in Bollywood - Sana Khan has left many people go high when she was spotted wearing a white Bikini in her upcoming movie: Wajah Tum Ho.

Sana Khan's Bikini Photo Perfect in movie Wajah Tum Ho

Sunny Leone's Bikini Search Highest and Most Popular among people in India

Even though her appearances in Bollywood is looking bold enough, Sunny Leone has managed to keep her popularity drive highest with her Bikini photos which she dons with highest supremacy!

Sunny Leone looking absolutely gorgeous in Pink Bikini over the sea

Sunny Leone in Black Bikini promoting condoms in India

Sunny Leone basking in Goa's sun with Black Bikini

Sunny Leone's Extremely Hot Photoshoot for Black Bikini promotion

Sunny Leone in a new looking White Bikini Avatar

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