17 October 2016

Lokesh Kumari Sharma Biography Wiki Profile Bigg Boss 10

Newly entered common man contestant in Bigg Boss Season 10 - Lokesh Kumari Sharma is in the headlines for her bubbly visualized character in the opening show. Take a look at Lokesh Kumari Sharma's biography, life experiences and wiki profile which got her selected in Bigg Boss Season 10. She is basically based out of New Delhi and was selected based on common man's audition which took place earlier for the show. During the auditions, she recounts her experience and journey of life what made her to be a responsible person of her family.

Salman Khan gladly welcomed the girl to the show and there were thoughts about how Lokesh Kumari would be dealing the celebrity and start studded show in her own way. She made everyone a smile on their face by recounting how actors and stars live their own life and not of a common man!

Who is Lokesh Kumari Sharma - Bigg Boss Season 10 Contestant

She is one amongst the 13 final common man contestants who were selected to get entry in Bigg Boss this year. A food lover by nature, she cares for her family and knows how to tackle different situations in various ways. On the part of completing her education, she recently graduated from Delhi University in Master of Arts - Economics.

Lokesh Kumari Sharma

Lokesh lives with her joint family in Delhi where responsibilities are quite large for her to fulfill the needs. She seeks to fulfill the dreams of her family by becoming successful in life. With her simplicity and smiling nature, she is sure to grab some eyeballs with her humorous jokes that she shares with everyone.

Currently she is looking for a job to support her family day to day needs. As a part of Bigg Boss family, it would be really nice to see her mixing with start studded contestants and how she fares in the love and war game altogether.

Lokesh Kumari Sharma's Fame in Bigg Boss Auditions as Contestant

She described about her life changing experience during her college days when her dad lost the job in recession and they were dealing tough moments in their joint family. Since then Lokesh has never turned backward, she went on to complete her graduation and now looking for the ideal opportunity.

As a part of Bigg Boss reality show, she could be the only contestant who could win the hearts of audience from the word go itself. As far as initial conversations are concerned, she revealed that tough situations make someone learn about them and cope up in real life as well which she wants to experience here.

Lokesh Kumat at Bigg Boss Auditions

Her way of talking was very fun loving and consciousness to watch out and her love for dancing and singing songs could be something Bigg Boss might be awaiting! As a part of the show, she would definitely love to express her feeling and stand upon her opinions in correct way.

Lokesh Kumari Sharma's Entry in Bigg Boss Season 10

Actor and host - Salman Khan gave a charming welcome to her on the show sets. As an eagerness starts to built, she has interactions with Salman stating their stars live a different life than a common man.

Lokesh Kumari Sharma Entertaining Salman in Bigg Boss 10 Sets

Her words on make up artists for stars gave a laugh to many of us! Even Salman couldn't control his eagerness to laugh on her words and her curiosity to know new things. Certainly this could turn out to be a life changing experience for her and audience can actually see her gentleness as she paves way in the show.

Lokesh Kumari Sharma's Photos and Videos in Bigg Boss Season 10

We have few clicks from Bigg Boss Team of Colors as she begins her journey and awaits for audience feedback.

Lokesh Kumari Welcomed by Salman Khan in Bigg Boss 10

Lokesh Kumari Biography Wiki Profile - All set for Bigg Boss Season 10

Lokesh Kumari Sharma - Random Photos

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