15 November 2016

Ahmedabad to Vadodara (Baroda) Local Train Timetable Timings

Indian Railways has started new local trains between Ahmedabad Junction (ADI) and Vadodara Junction (BRC) on daily basis. Please check the updated timetable and timings of local trains, MEMU and Shuttle trains between Ahmedabad and Baroda. The new schedule is based on current revision of train timetable for 2016-2017 year. You can also book tickets online for local trains and carry your monthly passes valid for students and working people.

The trains go through the route of Ahmedabad Junction - Maninagar - Barejadi Nandej - Mahemdavad Kheda Road - Nadiad - Anand - Bajwa - Vadodara Junction. We have updated the new schedule as per directions received from Western Railways.

As per Indian Railways, the timetable of trains was last changed in July 2016 as per schedule.

Ahmedabad (ADI) - Vadodara (BRC) Local Train Timetable Timings

Please take a look at the schedule of trains available - MEMU and Shuttle on daily basis from Ahmedabad.

1. Ahmedabad - Vadodara MEMU (Ahmedabad Departure: 05:20 AM arrives Vadodara: 08:20 AM)

2. Ahmedabad - Vadodara MEMU (Ahmedabad Departure: 08:10 AM arrives Vadodara: 10:55 AM)

3. Viramgam - Valsad Passenger (Ahmedabad Departure: 10:20 AM arrives Vadodara: 14:40 PM)

4. Ahmedabad - Mumbai Central Passenger (Ahmedabad Departure: 12:40 PM arrives Vadodara: 16:05 PM)

5. Ahmedabad Vadodara Sankalp Fast Passenger (Ahmedabad Departure: 15:20 PM arrives Vadodara: 17:30 PM)

6. Ahmedabad - Vadodara MEMU (Ahmedabad Departure: 16:50 PM arrives Vadodara: 20:00 PM)

7. Veraval - Mumbai Central Passenger (Ahmedabad Departure: 23:00 PM arrives Vadodara: 00:48 AM)

8. Ahmedabad - Mumbai Central Passenger (Ahmedabad Departure: 23:10 PM arrives Vadodara: 02:35 AM)

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