10 December 2016

Link Aadhaar Card to Indane Gas LPG Connection online

Aadhar card seeding to LPG - Indane Gas connection online system for subsidy transfer benefit to all eligible customers. You can now link Aadhaar card to Indane (IOCL) gas connection and update your details for LPG linkage online. Now check status of Aadhar card seeding with Indane connection through PAHAL scheme and ensure your Bank account is linked with LPG and Aadhaar card to receive subsidy in your account. The last date for Aadhar card - LPG Indane linkage is December 2016.

There are many ways through which you can link or associate your Aadhaar card with Indane Gas connection online or by filling a simple application form for subsidy benefits under PAHAL scheme. Kindly check out the detailed procedure below to know linking process. Before moving on, you need to link Aadhaar card with your Bank account first to enable seeding request approved.

Aadhar Card Seeding with Indane LPG Connection - IOCL online

UIDAI website presents an online application request to seed your Aadhaar card with IOCL company to get your consumer number linked directly online. You will need a valid registered mobile number before moving forward to this process.

Aadhaar Card Linkage with Indane Gas LPG online - IOCL

In the first step, enter your address location - State and District details from drop down selection list. Now go to second step to choose benefit type - select benefit as LPG, Scheme name as IOCL. Now select your distributor name from the list and then enter your consumer number of Indane connection. Now move to third step to provide your Aadhaar card number, mobile number and Email address details.

It will then send a one time password on your mobile which you need to input and validate it online. Now your request has been submitted successfully for LPG - Aadhaar linkage. You will shortly receive the confirmation to your Email / mobile number about successful activation of details.

How to link Aadhaar card to LPG - Indane gas connection through Application form

In this case, you can download the application form and take a print out of it, fill the details and handover to your distributor network of Indane. To download the application visit here:

Aadhaar Card - LPG Linkage Application Form

Write your full name in the space provided, name of the company as "IOCL", consumer number details, LPG ID, mobile number and provide your address details if that's different in both Aadhaar card and LPG database. However if it is the same address, you need not mention it, leave it blank. Sign the application form and carry important documents required for seeding process.

Here, you have to take a photocopy of your LPG - Indane book's first page which carries all relevant details, attach address proof document in case both address are different, otherwise it's not needed. To know the list of valid address proof documents, visit here: Proof of Address (POA) Documents for Aadhaar Card Seeding

Visit your Indane distributor center and submit the form with Aadhaar letter attached on the left side of the form and with completed details. They will handover an acknowledgement receipt which you should keep in case for future requirements. This way your seeding process is completed and your confirmation will be sent on mobile number registered with Indane within one week of time.

Aadhaar Card Linking to Indane Gas Connection through SMS Method

Here you need to send two text messages to Indane - IOCL unit, one for registration of your mobile and second for Aadhaar number seeding. If your mobile number is already linked to your Indane distributor, then you can skip directly to second method.

Step 1: Kindly follow the syntax for registration of your mobile number:

REG Distributor's Telephone No. with STD code without zero Consumer number

and send it to your IVRS number which can be found on Indane's website.

Step 2: Kindly follow the syntax for linking your Aadhaar card:

UID Aadhaar Number

and send it to your IVRS number as mentioned above.

After successful linkage, you will receive a final message on your mobile indicating that seeding process is now completed.

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