16 January 2017

26 January Republic Day Speech Essay and Debate Topics

Republic Day celebrations are always of national importance across the country. School students should consider preparing for Republic Day Speech, Essay and Debate topics into their curriculum for their following exams. Generally 26th January Republic day function in school celebration programme will act as a catalyst to the topics. Teachers may consider these Republic day 2017 topics for inclusion in their curriculum. Republic day activities in school will enable students to write topic speech in Hindi and English as needed.

Every year the nation gallore with chanting echoes of Republic day celebrations across the country to spread national enthusiasm. Every individual is inspired by the time when nation erupts with joy of being republic once in a year!

Students across the country start their ultimate preparation of raising themselves in Republic day school function, arrangements, decorations and programme function. This is the best way a school student recognizes the real value of celebrating a Republic day in his school days.

Republic Day celebration across the country

We are listing you few best topics for teachers or students which can be considered for an interesting contest during their school event or a composition in their upcoming exams.

Students should be aware of the current events replicating the nation and their republic importance.

Republic Day Celebration 2017 Topics for Speech, Essay and Debate Notes in Schools

Some of the most thought about topics include the following:

1. India is a Republic nation. Do you believe India's secularism has shown a significant impact post the Republic time inception since 1950? Support your answer.

2. Democratic nation advantages and disadvantages after adopting Republic Government formation.

3. The men behind the fight for Republic nation establishment in India.

4. What are your views on Republic Day celebration across our country? How do you observe today's Republic nation as a mark of respect and tribute.

5. Top viewpoints for inculcating Republic day celebration in Schools and Colleges in India. How can you bring more interest among young individual's to develop patriotic fervor.

If you feel, you can add few more points or topics to the above, please comment below with your responses. We will be glad to take note of them and add them as necessary points in this article.


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