23 September 2017

Book India Vs Australia Hyderabad T20 Tickets online

Team India take on Australia for their final T20 International match of the series to be held on 13th October, 2017 at Hyderabad. Cricket fans can start booking tickets online for India (IND) Vs Australia (AUS) Hyderabad T20 match as per BCCI announcement.You can start buying tickets at official price, check seat availability, fare and other details through BCCI Ticketing partners for further booking. As per latest update, Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium in Hyderabad will open the online ticket booking system for India vs Australia T20 match scheduled in October.

This is the last limited overs match to be played between both the sides this year as Virat Kohli looks to march forward the winning success ratio for his team. On the other hand, Australia raring to go under dynamic leadership of Steven Smith having produced some stunning innings against India in past 2 years looks to consolidate to win the match.

India vs Australia Preparation Strategy - Battle of Glory in Hyderabad T20

The pitch here in Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium (RGIS), Hyderabad has lot of assistance for fast bowlers during the initial period of play. However as the game progresses, the factor of dew will also be considered by captains during the toss. It will be difficult to grip and turn the ball, thereby giving ample opportunity for the batsmen to chase the target without any difficulties.

India Vs Australia - Hyderabad T20 Match Tickets online

For this game, Virat Kohli will be looking to play 6 pure batsmen, 1 all rounder in form of Hardik Pandya or Ravindra Jadeja and 4 specialist bowlers which will include two spinners. The possibilities of team batting first will be very less on winning the toss because 70 percent of games have been won batting second on this venue. The opening batsmen shall include the likes of Rohit Sharma, KL Rahul and captain himself.

Australia will be looking to play as many all rounders as possible for this game. They will be approaching with 6 specialist batsmen, 2 all rounders in form of James Faulkner and Glenn Maxwell and 4 specialist bowlers. However their spin department will need a lot of stressing and experience to counter Indian batting line up.

India Vs Australia Hyderabad T20 Match 2017 Ticket Booking online details

BCCI under the new online ticketing system has allowed special retention quota for box office ticket availability at the stadium. Fans who are eagerly awaiting the status for booking tickets online can finally have some good news in store! The prices and fare of tickets shall depend upon the premises within the stadium and will cost somewhere between Rs.1000 to Rs.4500 per head.

There is a special quota for VIP's and VVIP Box offices besides the player's dressing room. As per official sources, about 60 percent of tickets shall be sold online through BCCI Ticketing partners while remaining 40 percent will be available at Stadium Box office. This ground has always provided some thrilling IPL games since two years and therefore it promises a lot of excitement in international fixtures.

For online tickets booked, kindly carry your original photo identification card without which you will not be allowed to enter inside even with a valid ticket. The parking facilities will be complimentary and depends on your stand of ticket purchase.

If you are interested in coming for the match, kindly comment below with your name, email address and a short message why you love Indian cricket team and we shall surprise you with free tickets for the match at the Stadium! All tickets shall be VIP complimentary passes from CDN Times in association with Star India networks. So keep pouring in your special message for Indian team and we shall count your tickets for each one of you!


  1. Syed hadi Ali nomaan
    Email : syed.nomaan1989@gmail.com
    Address : 23-2-474, Daroga galli, moghalpura, hyd
    Cell number : 8555956940

    I'm really excited to watch this match in such a beautiful Stadium with such a good hospitality, but whenever I visit there to watch I was told sorry tickets Sold, may be I was late for that, but this time I want to watch that match with my friend, I love my team India, go blue go.... Love you team india and MSD-KOHLI

  2. T.manoj
    email: tmanojmano510@gmail.com
    address : vathsalya hostel,shivbagh colony,ameerpet,hyderabad
    mobile no: 8985600639
    iam very excited to watch the biggest encounter of two giant teams which are highly professional and will be a treat to watch them contest. i was dissapointed 3 times as i have tried to get the tickets but 3 out of 3 times within my turn came tickets were sold out as i stood nearly for more than 10 hours....atleast i wish this time i get tickets waiting to watch my inspiration MSD in indian jersey..it will be special day for me if i get tickets and watch my inspiration and role model MSD ..love MSD ..love indian team..once a fan of indian cricket team always will be aa fan till i die..jai hind

  3. Siddhartha Nanda

  4. Preetham
    Email - preethamdhoni183@gmail.com
    Promised my love to show my God - DHONI in a live match.. As he's getting aged there may not be an other chance for him to play here in hyderabad.. So I'm trying every possible way to get into the stadium on 13th Oct'17 #lovedhoni #loveindia �� �� ��

  5. Name : Muneer
    Mobile : 9959485004
    Email : shaikmuneers@gmail.com

  6. Name: Siddartha
    Ph: 9490195113
    email: siddu.ms19@gmail.com

    I love cricket more than anything of all my entertainments. Watching cricket for over 20years with our National team as favourite.

  7. Name:Varshith
    There need not be any particular reason to love Indian cricket team... Every Indian loves the Indian Cricket Team...
    Jai Hind🇮🇳

  8. Name:supraja
    Email: suppu256@gmail.com
    Watching MSD playing for india is my dream come true moment... may b this chance may not repeat... so am trying every possible way... hope that i wil get tickets this time🤞

  9. Abhilash dittakavi.

  10. Devendra Sai Varma Gottumukkala
    I love Indian cricket team for the reason that they never disappoint us fans and they try hard to stand up to our expectations

  11. Name: K Hari Krishna Prasad
    Email: harsha.harshahttp@gmail.com

    I am very much excited to see DHONI baya in live match. I want to support to team India as well my favourity player dhoni . I think this match will give more excitement to all fans, I want to be part of one such all.Thankyou

  12. Sandeep Vikranth
    I really Support Australia because,i love the aggressiveness of the players and they are perfect example of World cup Winning Squad

  13. I love india vs Australia as the game when played any part of the world will be thrilling with both the team players aggression to win against is seen. And I want to be a part of that aggressive match when it's warner vs Hitman...Kohli vs Smith...dhoni vs Maxwell...it's a dream come true and that in hyd will be seeing this clash. Please please please...let me know if I can get the tickets and want to see this match with my fiance... would be a gift to her...9966449246...kamalgandhi_143@yahoo.com

  14. B.Sai Venkata Krishna
    Email: sai331988@gmail.com
    Mobile: 9985853306

    I just want to witness the match live from the ground as the cricketing gaints clash here in hyderabad ,it would be a eye feast with likes of virat,Dhoni,along with latest sensation pandya ..locking horns with aggressive aussies like Warner, smith and Co. ...it's like diwali festival coming a week ahead for me if I can watch the match live from the stadium ...love India. .love cricket.

  15. Hareesh kumar
    Email : hareesh2727@gmail.com

    I am Indian. I love to watch World class batters + World class bowlers in one match i.e, this match in Hyderabad...
    I hope I will get tickets..

  16. Renaldo Cresswell
    Email- renaldoravid@gmail.com
    I love the Indian cricket team because of MS Dhoni he is my all time favourite


  17. Name : jeevan
    Mobile : 8143637457
    Email : jeevanjujju@gmail.com

    Hi....criket is a religion for our country.....we see cricket like a religion....player like gods. We all make our team proud by our supporting. Cticket is not a game...it is an emotion between two countries. In a match there is nothng lose but et d end ultimately cricket wins between two team performance. Now a days We can say cricket is our passion. We r proud to have some great players ....among thrm sachin is a legendary of the game and entire cricket in the world.


  18. want tickets for t 20 at Hyderabad 13 Oct.

  19. Thanks for the information...eagerly waiting for the match on oct 13...IND vs AUS cant get better than this..having a great chance to look MSD play in hyd is itself an achievement and i would to cheer up for my team live for the stadium..hope so :) Thanks again mate!

    Name : RaviTeja
    mobile: 8332063740
    email: urteja28@gmail.com

  20. it will be a great match to watch live at the stadium lets hope india wins this match it will be a cracker of a match with boths teams trying to win particularly we need to see what local boys david warners for australia and bhuvi for india will do

    Umesh Narayan

  21. Don't fool around saying VIP tickets will be given...Guys why do you want to expose ur mobile and email for no reason..think why does they give away VIP tickets...Its not a charity to give away VIP tickets...

  22. Rajesh Kumar
    i am really excite to se the match at hyderabad

  23. Hemanth Agarwal
    Mobile: 7842525379

    1. Watching match on TV is fully focused on cricket I mean over by over what is happening in match fully focused on 13 players or 2 umpire's they don't show what happens in between 2 overs
    2. In stadium we can see players from very nearly face to face some times can get autograph also
    3. People are very crazy for cricket especially Hyderabadi so we can see different different dressed peoples they support there favorite players
    4. One thing I pretty like is chearing players like Dhoni Dhoni……. Sachin Sachin…….

  24. Want tickets for Oct 13 match of ind vs Aus name:sunnysrujan email:sunnysrujan3@gmail.com mobile no. :9581602670

  25. Dinesh Sai

  26. Rohith Raju

  27. Nitul dehingia
    Gandimaisamma, Rangareddy

  28. basinaraviteja@gmail.com
    Ravi Teja Basina
    Wanna see Kohli temper, Dhoni coolness, Hardik Pandya blasters, Rohit hitting,

  29. ahmed azharuddeen29 September, 2017

    i indian cricket team beacause the most of time they hoast indian flag proudfully by winning the match.
    i this flag, so i make them the most beautiful men in the world. Here i will come to watch these match to know the pulses of the most proudful group of india

    1. sorry, here the word love is missing
      i love indian.....
      i love this flag.....

  30. a.s.joshi00128@gmail.com
    cricket is the part of my life and indian team is my heart

  31. a.s.joshi00128@gmail.com
    cricket is the part of my life and indian team is my heart

  32. Ajay Chowdary
    Eamail:ajaychowdarymuvva @ gmail. Com
    I am big fan of mahi he is one of best cricker in Indian history he faces up and down in the team but his confidence level give his success now he is the most successful captain in all formates I fallow every moment in Indian cricket. And all the best t India

  33. B. Siddarth
    Secunderabad 9052209013

  34. i want tickets can any body plzz help me..my contact details 9866009411..wattsapp me..or send ur email to tdksr123456@gmail.com

  35. Nitin

  36. I am very very excited to watch these two Powerfull teams playing each other. It will be my first match to watch my INDIAN team playing........

  37. Tickets available 5 no's 7893636167

  38. Akhil Bolisetti
    Am pretty much "mad" about cricket and when especially when its "INDIA" I cancel all my works and sit in front of the TV to watch my favorite player "VIRAT KOHLI" bat, but am very sad that am unable to purchase tickets for the T-20 match. But eagerly waiting for the DECIDER.

  39. suresh t

  40. I need one ticket for 3rd t20 pls contact me 9989393070

  41. Tickets of India vs Aus on 13th October in Hyderabad available contact @ 7973519805

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