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Bigg Boss Season 13 Auditions Registration Form Apply online

The most popular and controversial reality show on Television - Bigg Boss Season 13 is all set to make a comeback in 2019 year with lots of surprises and twists! Salman Khan, the host of Bigg Boss Season 13 will unveil the auditions and registration process opening in the month of April 2019 for all common audiences. In this article, we have provided the details regarding registration process of Bigg Boss Season 13 online, the audition online form to be filled in by the candidates and the eligibility criteria for appearing in Bigg Boss Season 13 in the month of September 2019. The process of auditions and registrations will completely be dependent upon the theme decided by the producers of the show.

The Season 12 of Bigg Boss saw lots of controversies and entertainment happening in a span of 105 days starting from September and ended in the month of December last year. Dipika Kakkar emerged as a successful winner of the last edition of Bigg Boss while S.Sreesanth was declared the first runner's up.

It will be interesting to note the format the Colors TV and Endemol India take into consideration before starting the process of registrations and auditions all together.

Eligibility Criteria for Registration in Bigg Boss Season 13 process

The following are some of the guidelines and benchmarks set by Bigg Boss production house team for commoners to check their eligibility before applying online and appearing for auditions.

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These points are:
  • The individual should be an Indian citizen
  • The qualifying age for any individual should be above 18 years
  • He/She should possess a valid proof of residence in India
  • An individual should possess any one of the following Government ID Cards :: Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, Voter ID Card, Passport, Ration Card or Driving licence.
  • The medical records of an individual should be in good state - Which means no medical issues should be possessed while applying for registrations auditions.
  • An individual track record should be clear - No pending police cases are allowed
  • Should not have signed any other contract or breaching the code of conduct before appearing for the auditions
These are some of the listed points to be taken care by any individual before applying in the 2019 season of Bigg Boss 13.

Bigg Boss Season 13 Registration process online - Voot Registration form application

The registration process as we stated earlier depends completely on the theme selected by the producers of the show. The last season saw "Jodi vs Single" theme and the season earlier to that was themed as "Commoners vs Celebrities".

It will be dependent on how the process is streamlined according to the theme or concept is centralized by Colors TV and Endemol Media productions.

Here we will share you the steps of registering yourself on VOOT application and submitting your registration form online for Bigg Boss Season 13 to be starting in September 2019:
  • The auditions and selections are purely carried out by Colors Team. There is no collaboration with Endemol Productions regarding this.
  • VOOT app - The official online live TV application from Colors Team - The registration form is available to be filled in there.
  • You can also apply online on VOOT's official website - Bigg Boss Season 13 audition to get your registrations done
  • Fill in the details like - Name, Address, Age, Social media links of your profile like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
  • Upload your password size photo to be used in your portfolio application while applying for Bigg Boss Season 13 on VOOT online
  • You need to upload a Video with the application form - This is your introductory video - Prepare it well and cover all specific details of your personality.
Contestants of Bigg Boss Season 12 - Auditions and Registration application online for 2019 season

  • Include the best possible introduction and skills possessed by you as your definitive talent that can be used as an entertainment skill in Bigg Boss
  • Explain yourself and your presence in Bigg Boss and how you can entertain the audience in best possible way - Colors Team wants someone who has multi talent skills on these terms.
  • A maximum of 3 minutes for a video with size not going above 50 MB.
  • There is a section described as "Why do you want to be on the show?" - Describe this in your own words to be the best possible way. Include some meaningful lines to make it crystal clear for Colors TV to recognize your importance.
  • Provide your best contact number and email address for contacting you
Now submit the application form online on Colors TV or VOOT application / website and await them to be reviewed by the technical team of Colors.

Bigg Boss Season 13 Audition process - Registration online next phase

After filling in your application form, the next part is the Audition phase wherein your application would be judged based on the parameters selected and concept or theme of the season.

At first, your application online form will be judged and based on your interest quotient level, will be called you up for personal interview. The auditions will happen in Mumbai so you will need to come down to the financial heart of the country from anywhere you live.

Here are some important points to be considered when you are in for auditions here:
  • Your application specific questions will be asked by the technical team - Be transparent and explain whatever you have within yourself
  • Your introduction - An impression left in the beginning is the impression left at the last - Remember to keep yourself abreast with all the tough questions
  • Showcase your skills as a personality and entertainer - Prove yourself as a complete entertaining package
  • After initial rounds of audition - A final round of interview happens which is the last portion of the audition and selection round.
Generally the last interview / selection round happens after 1 or 2 months of time since the jury finalizes the contestants in the meantime that best fits the concept of the current show.

In the final interview round - questions regarding your personal life will come up - An struggles that you have encountered in the past will be counted as well.

Bigg Boss Season 13 Audition and Registration Dates

So here's a breakup of the dates to be expected for coming season's Bigg Boss:

Commencement of online registration application :: March, 2019

Audition processes and selection :: May, 2019

Final Call and Personal Interview :: June, 2019

Signing of Contract and Final selected contestants for Bigg Boss Season 13 :: July, 2019

Final Selection Call from Bigg Boss Colors Team - Signing of Contract Terms

After the final round, again a time period of 2 months is taken into consideration and then you will get a final call up in Mumbai to sign the contract of the show. This contract is personal between an individual and Colors Viacom media productions after signing it.

Eventually this process takes about 5 months of time to finalize a participant - So by the end of July 2019 we will get the finalized participants for the show and you will get to know if you are selected or not.

By the end of September 2019, Bigg Boss Season 13 will be started and be aired on Colors TV and VOOT app.

If you have any questions, please drop in your queries in form of comments below and we will look forward to address them as soon as possible.


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